Yosemite Wildlife
With Yosemite National Park being home to various habitats varying from dense shrubbery to great masses of alpine rock, it is capable of supporting over 250 species of vertebrates including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. For instance, along most of the western boarder of the park are an abundance of pine, cedar, giant sequoia, and black oak. These nurture a number of species including the black bear, bobcat, gray fox, mountain kingsnake, spotted owl, and a large array of bat species.

In the regions of Yosemite where trees are sparse and the land is instead cloaked in cliffs of granite, the climate is much more severe and can only sustain species that have adapted to these conditions. A few of these animals include: the yellow-bellied marmot, the white-tailed hare, and the bighorn sheep. Many more animals can be found within a tour to Yosemite, including:

  • Amphibians- Sierra Newt, salamanders, Pacific Tree frog,
  • Birds-American Dipper, Eastern Kingbird, Pymy-owls
  • Fish- Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass
  • Mammals- Coyotes, mule, beaver, jackrabbits, sheep
  • Reptiles- Western pond turtle, Coast horned lizards, Rubber boa
  • Insects- Elderberry longhorn beetle, wasps, bristletails, moths, butterflies

However, while Yosemite National Park has the resources to encourage life for many different species, there are also a number of endangered animals within the park. Most recently the grizzly bear, California red-legged frog, and the foothill yellow-legged frog are said to be among a few of the extinct species within the park. Factors such as air pollution, habitat fragmentation, climate change, the tangibility of potentially dangerous human food, and road kill incidents all contribute to the extinction of wildlife species.


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